Aspirant Dictionary

"Make UPSC a dream that won't come in your sleep, but a

dream which won't let you sleep"

Dear aspirants,

This OFFLINE DICTIONARY app is specially developed for UPSC aspirants to understand the word in UPSC books and it also contains battle names that happens in India (from ancient to current year).You can search for it by simply typing the year.

You can also type both English and Tamil words in the search field.

We all are aspirants of the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission), trying to clear this examination and want to make some changes in society.

We know the value of time and how important it is to students, especially the govt. Exam aspirants, and we respect you, your time and commitments because we know how hard this preparation path is.

We are trying to simplify this process, so we decided to make some simplifications in this preparation path.

There are lots of good dictionary apps that are available in the play store, but they aren't designed for aspirants. So we decided to design an Aspirant Dictionary app that is a completely offline translation app to make your time more productive.

This app is our first step in helping you out of some constraints.

So why offline?

If we make this app online, then there will be lots of distractions. You know that and think about it.

What would happen if we tried to make this app online and showed lots of ads to get paid?

Well, that's not our goal.

Yes, you see some ads in our app, but we promise we won\'t let your phone flood with big screen ads, video ads, or any kind of nuance. We show you decent banners that are also limited to one ad per session.

This app is supported by UPSC Aspirants (typically volunteers). They help us with word generation, translation, and design. You can also participate in this.

Mistakes may occur, this is for reference purpose only, if you find any mistakes please contact us

Note: This app is for educational purpose only and also this app is supported by lots of UPSC Aspirants(volunteers Like You) help us to make (word list, translation and design)

You can also participate please check this link


Complete Offline dictionary.

Only UPSC syllabus books words are Included.

Available Languages:








Type Both (English and native language) in same search field.

Text to Speech

Speech to Text supported for both English and Native languages.

Four Section (Dictionary ,History ,Economy ,Polity)

Dark mode and Light mode available.

Cross Language Backup and Restore Operation available.