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List of best books for UPSC.

 In this competitive worlds the books are the only things that help us to make our base or giving the ideology for that particular subject. thus books are playing an important role for the preparation of any competitive exam, either that is SSC (staff selection commission) or for the level of UPSC (union public service commission. or any state level of exam. In today`s lifestyle as per the population increases the competition is also increase. but the most of the students are diverted from the right track. they thought that the books are not so necessary for these competitive exam, only if we read the newspaper, articles, current affairs magazine, that will enough for us to crack this.  but this is not the truth, as i told earlier that the books are so important for all of us to prepare our exams. Ioday i am going to tell you about the best books which can help you to crack this exam, and with this you can also take some newspaper, some website, magazine, that will help you to boost yo